This is my (@paulbunkham) blog journaling my year of making. There will be a new post for each thing I make. This is the list of ideas, and please do get in touch (by twitter or email paul (at) bunkham (dot) com ), I'd love to hear from you!

Happy Matticversary to Me! A Year Working for Automattic

Deciding on an Electronic Decision Maker


Automagically Losing Work. A Lost Art

Versions Matter. Finding Bugs and Updating CLJSJS ClojureScript Packages

Where’s Bunkers? The Importance Of Taking A Break.

Extending and Refactoring What Matters. Defining Matter.JS Worlds With ClojureScript

Setting Up Only What Matters And Breaking The Laws Of Physics With ClojureScript

The Last Post. Level Complete. Prepare For Level 2

Disappointment and Crowdfunding. Why I’m Destined Never To 3D Print Anything!

Over Engineering Logos With Matter.JS

The Uneconomical World Of The Middle Aged Software Developer

Single-minded Woocommerce – Selling just one thing

Adding Optional Extras To Woocommerce Delivery

Woo and the Art Of WordPress e-Commerce Maintenance

Congratulations Mum’s Back. It’s a web site!

Ain’t Apostrophes (and Failure) Annoying?

No Fear ‘Til Bedtime

Overriding and Resetting Twenty Seventeen

Bending The 2017 Theme To Your Will

Getting Dirty With State and Matter.js

Continuing Adventures With Quil, ClojureScript and Matter.js

A Matter of Patience. Adventures With Quil, ClojureScript and Matter.js

Get Web Fit. No Pain, No Gain!

Jousting for Game Mechanics

Halfway Home, the Midterm Report

Geek Growing Old and Nostalgic for Arcade Games

Plugging it all together

The Highlight of my WordPress Week

WordPress and GeSHi Markdown Formatting

Hacking Hooks – Bending WordPress Hooks and Filters to Your Will

Casting an Ear Over Science and Stories

Note to self – Summing up two decades of web development

BASHing the WordPress Docker Container in to shape.

Voila, PHP is served! – Adding an NGINX web server container

Dropping in a PHP container

Site, data & file systems. Starting to compose the WordPress Docker environment

WordPress Storage Container – Setting up the database in Docker

Begin WordPress Docking Sequence – Open the bay doors…

Distraction Free Writing Gnu Style

Blogging Strategy – Divide and Conquer

February update. How is the doing going?

Read All About It!

Hello 2017! Year of Doing